Want to study a VET course in Business, and also improve your English at the same time?

Then our Certificate I to IV in Business course with the Extensive English Support (EES) option might just be what you need.

The Eagle Academy understands that for many of our international students, studying in a different language can be challenging at times. That’s why we have designed the Certificate in Business with EES as an option to suit the needs of our students.

Why Choose Certificate in Business with EES?

The BUS-EES courses are great for students who have an elementary (or higher) level of English and want to study a Business VET course that will help them improve their English. You can choose from four levels of Business certification with the Extensive English Support option:

  • BSB10120 Certificate I in Workplace Skills – EES
  • BSB20120 Certificate II in Workplace Skills – EES
  • BSB30120 Certificate III in Business – EES
  • BSB40120 Certificate IV in Business – EES

What is the difference between BUS-EES and ELICOS?

The BUS-EES is a VET course with a set duration, unlike General English or ELICOS courses where you can select course length by weeks. International students studying VET courses are also required to meet progress requirements (no attendance monitoring), whereas ELICOS courses have both attendance (20 hours on campus per week) and progress requirements.

In addition, BUS-EES includes a combination of business, workplace, and foundation skills units. On the other hand, ELICOS focuses solely on GE, EAP, IETLS.

How do I know which course to choose?

It is best to speak with your agent about any Visa entry requirements before choosing. You may be required to study ELICOS before you are allowed to study a VET course.

If you are able to study either course, then you may want to consider:

  • Your reasons for wanting to improve your English. Do you need to complete an IETLS Test to a certain level or do you just want to be able to communicate better?
  • Your study interests. Do you want to focus solely on communicating in English or would you like to also gain skills in business and in the workplace?
  • Is your English already at an elementary level or higher?

If you are unsure of your current level of English, you can complete our online entry test for free at: https://eagleacademy.com.au/students/english-test/

Is there a difference in cost?

Generally, VET courses have a lower fee on a per tuition week basis. The cost difference would depend on the course and duration of your chosen study. For more information about pricing, please contact our administration team.

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