Student well-being is a core priority at The Eagle Academy. While students are unable to visit us on campus (either due to COVID-19 restrictions or because they’re not yet in Australia), we want to ensure they’re taking care of themselves while studying at home. Practising proper self-care helps students to study smarter, not harder, during this strange time.

We’ve covered our tip tips for looking after yourself while studying at home. Remember that if you’re ever feeling anxious or overwhelmed, we’re here to support students. Just reach out to your network at The Eagle Academy – there will always be someone to listen.


The importance of self-care during coronavirus

Novel and infectious diseases like coronavirus can affect both our physical and mental health. The entire world has been presented with something new to us, and it’s natural to feel worried – which is why being kind to yourself is more important than ever.

Self-care is vital to our mental health, to keep us strong and focused during this time. It’s important to tell yourself “I deserve this” from time to time, so that self-care doesn’t get sacrificed once life gets busy or stressful.


Self-care tips

Make time for yourself no matter how crazy things seem right now. Going full steam ahead despite the stresses will only hinder productivity on your journey to success.

1. Stay active

You already know how important exercise is to your physical and mental health, so try to work out a few times a week. While gyms and swimming pools are closed, explore other options such as jogging, walking, yoga and circuits at home. You’ll find a variety of free fitness classes online if you like the motivation of an instructor.

2. Get fresh air regularly

Take the time to walk outside at least once every day. Leave the digital devices at home to give your eyes and hands a rest, and reset your posture a little.

You can also practise meditation, even if you’ve never tried it before. Start by taking 10 minutes to try mindfulness, to keep your focus on your breath and add some calm to your day.

3. Reach out to your friends and tutors

Stay in touch with the people you trust, like your friends, family, classmates and tutors. Being away from school can feel isolating, but you can turn to phone calls, texts and socially distanced meet-ups. Speak to people about how you’re feeling, because it’s likely they’re experiencing the same thing.

4. Step away from the news and social media

Checking the news and social media might feel like a natural impulse, but it’s important to take a break every now and again. Lots of the information you find can be negative, which can then have an impact on your own mood. While staying informed is important, try to limit your media intake to once or twice a day and only use trusted new sources.


Contact The Eagle Academy

To find out more about enrolling in a course at The Eagle Academy from home, contact us online. We’d be happy to discuss our approach to success to ensure you get access to the quality education you want – whether you’re studying remotely in Australia or in another country.