Australia is the third most popular destination for international students. Students visit us from all over the world, hailing from places including China, India, Brazil, Malaysia, Europe and more.

Whether individuals come to Australia for the attractive lifestyle or the quality levels of education, this year has seen great changes in the education system, with COVID-19 meaning The Eagle Academy and other education institutions had to offer online courses.

In this article, we’re taking a look at why Australia has earned its reputation as a popular choice for international students, and explaining how students can still access the many benefits – despite the pandemic.


Australia has a highly diverse culture

Australia has a lot to offer, from stunning beaches to vast open spaces and interesting local wildlife. This, along with the country’s high standard of living, brings people from all over the globe. Cultural diversity in Australia is high – particularly in its major cities – and has been shaped by the country’s history. It’s now one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse countries in the world.

This diversity brings a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere to Australia. A contemporary culture merged with an appreciation for the country’s original ancestors makes for a unique, laid-back and enjoyable way of life.


International students can access high quality education

Quality of education in Australia is amongst the highest in the world; it’s recognised globally for its dynamic and progressive programs and 19 of Australia’s universities were listed in the US News 2014 Best Global University Rankings.

The diversity of education allows students to choose from a wide range of schools and fields, to cater to their interests and career aspirations. Graduates in Australia are highly sought after by employers, thanks to their high-quality qualifications and affiliation with respected schools.


Employment opportunities are high

Australia is widely-known for its strong economy, high employment rates and attractive salaries. As one of the most popular expat destinations, skilled international visitors are regularly welcomed and – with the right education and experience – can land fantastic career roles.

Unemployment rate is as low as 5%, and as the economy continues to grow, people living in Australia can enjoy more possibilities and career growth within the country. Positive working conditions and a great quality of life are just additional benefits.


Find out more about distance learning with The Eagle Academy

Don’t wait around to kickstart your education in Australia. Although coronavirus still largely prevents classroom learning, international students can gain quality access to distance learning with The Eagle Academy. Our experienced tutors are hosting Zoom webinars on courses that lead to recognised Australian qualifications.

Find out how you can get a head-start in your own country, even before you’re able to make the move to Australia. Browse our courses or contact us online for more information.