If you’re planning to start or work for a business in Australia, it makes perfect sense to gain your business qualifications here too. By studying in Australia, you’re already ahead of the curve because you’re learning important business skills while being immersed in the local culture, which makes it easier to communicate with your customers.

The type of business course you study will depend on your existing skills, prior experience and the type of business you’re interested in starting or working in.

Certificate I in Business

Of all the business courses in Australia, the Certificate I in Business is the most basic and is suitable to develop important skills and prepare you for work. You’ll acquire business administration skills by doing real-life business activities and projects. This will give you a great start in a career as an office or administration assistant or a word processing operator.

Certificate II in Business

A Certificate II in Business will give you a good basis for work as a receptionist, data entry operator, or an administrative assistant. You’ll benefit from the hands-on practical application of the skills you learn, and gain insights into how businesses work to serve their customers.

Certificate III in Business

This course will give you a good understanding of business and how businesses work. This allows you to pursue a career in customer service, technical support, administration or word processing officer, data entry or a general clerk.

Certificate IV in Business

If you’re planning on running your own business, or someone else’s, then the Certificate IV in Business is for you. Once you have your business certificate, you’ll be able to come up with practical solutions to problems and provide leadership and guidance to others.

Diploma of Business

The Diploma of Business is for those who already have business experience and wish to develop their skills further. If you plan on starting a career as an executive officer, program consultant or program coordinator, then this business certificate will help you get there.

Advanced Diploma of Business

The Advanced Diploma of Business will help you run your own business, as well as obtain a position as a senior executive or administrator. You’ll need substantial prior experience in a wide range of business settings and functions.

Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

The Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management is one of the highest business courses we offer. It is the right choice if you want to apply specialised knowledge and skills, along with leadership and management skills across a wide range of businesses and industries.

Business Courses in Australia

At The Eagle Academy, we aim to provide the very best courses in English, Business, Outdoor Recreation, Sport and Recreation, and Fitness for Australian and international students who want to pursue a career in the hospitality, tourism, sporting and personal training, and other business areas.

We’ve become well known for our friendly advice and service, and for providing all the assistance you need to study in Australia.

Our business courses are available at our Coolangatta Campus (Gold Coast), and our Spring Hill Campus (Brisbane) so phone or email the one that suits you for more information.