A first aid course does more than provide you with the knowledge to potentially save someone’s life. At The Eagle Academy, our first aid courses teaches essential skills that will be beneficial to local and international students in Australia. Learn more about what they are below.


What Does It Cover?

First aid courses in Australia differ depending on where exactly they are being taught, however, they generally all cover similar topics. Participants can expect to learn a mixture of both practical application and theory, which will help them to respond effectively in an emergency and support whoever requires assistance.

They will likely learn about how to recognise and respond to an emergency. This should involve casualty examination, learning how to calmly control trauma and bleeding, as well as an understanding of how to provide basic life support. Participants may also learn how to assist a choking individual and how to respond to burns and scalds – however, this depends on the course which they choose to take.


The Goal

At the end of the course, participants should have the skills to react and control a potentially life-threatening emergency or situation until medically trained professionals can arrive and take over the situation.


Using First Aid

We are right to assume that emergencies do not occur every day. As such, many of us question the relevance of undertaking a first aid course. However, first aid courses are useful in many ways.


Increases Confidence

A first aid course teaches how to remain calm and confident in an emergency. In an emergency, you will be able to calmly respond to the hazard and support those who require assistance. However, this will also extend to your professional and student life. One of the many reasons to study in Australia is that you will feel more capable of responding to first aid situations that require your attention.


Safer Living

In a first aid course, you will learn how to live safer and healthier. The course teaches not only how to respond to emergencies, but also how to avoid them if possible.


Respond to an Emergency

You will also be able to confidently respond to an emergency. You will learn the skills needed to save a life and reduce pain for somebody in a very stressful situation. This alone should make it worthwhile.


Want to Study Short Courses in Australia?

The Eagle Academy offers comprehensive courses in Australia, which include first aid. We allow participants to recognise and work in emergencies and teach them how to suitably respond. Upon finishing the course, participants will leave with the skills needed to assist and provide immediate care for an ill or seriously injured person in an emergency.

To apply to study in Australia, please contact us.