If you’re interested in studying business courses in Australia and you want a practical and flexible course, consider studying with The Eagle Academy. These courses will set you up with the skills and knowledge to step into a brand-new career with confidence. In this article, we’re discussing the benefits and steps of studying business as an international student in Australia.

The Benefits of a Business Certificate

While you study business in Australia, you’ll develop knowledge of business operations and specific skills that will help you in your chosen field, whether that’s customer service, marketing, finance, strategy, business policy or IT. One of the major benefits of studying business is the transferable skills that you will learn, including:

  • A strong understanding of how businesses are run
  • English communication skills
  • Critical thinking and analysing data
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Numeracy skills to help you interpret financial data
  • Report writing and presenting
  • Self-motivation, initiative and time management

Your Study Options with The Eagle Academy

Achieve the prerequisites you need to move upwards in your studies and career. The Eagle Academy offers every stepping stone to a business qualification.

Certificate I in Business (6 months)

This qualification allows students to develop basic skills and knowledge that will prepare them for work in the industry at entry level. Students will complete a range of simple tasks under supervision.

Certificate II in Business (9 months)

This qualification reflects the role of individuals in junior administrative positions. Students who wish to work as a receptionist, desk clerk, data entry operator or assistant can benefit from this course.

Certificate III in Business (12 months)

This qualification will give individuals the ability to use discretion, judgement and relevant knowledge within their roles. They may provide technical advice and support. Students who wish to work as a customer service adviser, data entry operator, general clerk, administration officer or word processing officer may benefit from this course.

Certificate IV in Business (12 months)

This qualification aligns with the knowledge of administrators and project officers who have a broad understanding of unpredictable situations. Students who have completed this course will be able to analyse information and provide leadership to others with some responsibility within the organisation.

Diploma of Business (9 months)

Diploma of Business reflects the role of individuals with substantial experience in a range of business settings who are seeking to further develop their skills. Students who wish to pursue careers as executive officers, program consultants, or program coordinators may benefit from this course.

Advanced Diploma of Business (12 months)

This advanced diploma continues on from the Diploma of Business for students who wish to pursue careers as a senior administrator or senior executive.

Why So Many Students Choose Australia

Studying in Australia is simple and affordable with easily accessible study visas. The Eagle Academy make it even more comfortable and easy to study business in Australia because of our high-quality facilities and helpful resources. All of our business courses come with a free extensive English support option for international students who would like to further improve their English.

All of our diplomas and advanced certificates can work towards university credits, helping you become fully qualified to step into the world of business.

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