Are you interested in studying as an international student? It can be difficult to know where to start and how to apply to study in Australia. The most important thing is to secure your visa. Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirements involve assessing your visa to make sure your intention is to stay in Australia temporarily while you study.

It is essential to understand the requirements to study in Australia before you apply for a visa. Below, we explain the GTE requirements. If you need extra assistance or advice, an education agent who speaks your language can provide you advice specific to your circumstances and help you apply for a visa.


What is a GTE Statement?

A GTE statement outlines whether you are an appropriate candidate for a student visa based on your personal circumstances and certain questions. An immigration officer will look at:

  • Why you wish to study the selected course in Australia
  • Value of the course to your future
  • Your immigration history
  • Your circumstances in your home country (economic situation, family ties, job/house to return to)
  • If you are under 18 years of age, the intention of your parent, legal guardian or spouse of the applicant
  • Any other relevant matter

Using the above information as a guide, you will need to put together a GTE statement. Every visa applicant is required to present a GTE statement. This is the most important document you will submit because almost all student visa refusals are now as a result of the GTE.


What is our GTE Service?

Immigration officers consider a list of risk factors to determine if you are genuine as an applicant in wanting to study in Australia. Our GTE writing service involves getting specialists to address all those risk factors so you are presented in the best way possible. The aim of our program is to give our applicants the best chance of studying with us. 

We supply our GTE questionnaire for the applicant to complete and return to us. We will enhance it, give suggestions, or ask for more information, as required. We will then supply a draft which the applicant can use, edit, or ignore as they wish. While using our service is no guarantee of success, our draft GTE statements do cover all the risk factors, and will be very comprehensive, according to the quality and quantity of information provided to us by the applicant.


What is the Cost?

  • AL1/2/3 Onshore – FREE
  • *AL3 Offshore – $150. If the student is successful this fee will be credited towards the course fees.


Is it compulsory?

  • AL1 & 2 Off-Shore or Onshore – No, it is your choice whether you take advantage of the service or not. Please note however that the rejection rate of students using our GTE service is about 80% lower than those who choose NOT to use it.
  • AL3 Onshore – No, however, students must provide us with their GTE statement to approve before we will issue a COE, if they choose not to use our GTE service.
  • AL3 Offshore – Yes, also any countries we nominate as having high rejection rates must use our GTE Service. We will advise you if this applies to you.


Why Use our GTE Services?

  • The latest government issued report shows that the off-shore (applicant not in Australia) visa refusal rate for ALL VET courses, across Australia (ALL providers) is approximately 25%. ELICOS courses fare better at approximately 13% refusal rate. On shore rates are better at 11% (VET) and 9% (ELICOS).
  • The Eagle Academy has an offshore VET course refusal rate of approximately 10%, much better than the average (25%).
  • Of the offshore refusals we have had in the past year, 80% of the applicants wrote their own GTE statement, or had someone else assist them.
  • In the past 4 months, no offshore applicant who used our GTE service has been refused. Of course, this does not mean a visa will be guaranteed, but it does indicate a substantially better chance of providing a GTE that meets the requirements of the Immigration Officer considering the application.


Need Assistance? Contact Us

If you’re unsure about the Australian student visa process, contact our friendly staff for help. We can connect you with an education agent who can give you more information and assist you with your applications and visa.

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