COVID Contact Tracing

    Any student & non-staff entering The Eagle Academy must complete the following form. This form must be completed every time a person enters the premises.

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    By signing this form, I confirm I do not have any of the following symptoms:
    - Fever
    - Sore throat
    - Cough
    - Runny/blocked nose
    - Shortness of breath


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    Information About This Form

    Why are you required to sign in on this form?
    During the COVID pandemic, Australian businesses are required to have a COVID Safe Plan including a record of who has entered the premises on any day. This ensures that COVID Contact Tracing can be performed quickly and effectively if a case is found on campus.

    Where does your information go and what is it used for?
    You have been sent directly to a form on The Eagle Academy website. No external entity or website will have access to your details unless a COVID case is reported on campus. If this occurs your details will be given to the Australian Government to perform contact tracing. COVID contact tracing details will not be used for marketing.

    Helpful Tip
    Set up autofill on your phone so you don’t have to retype your details each time you sign in.