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How can I get help planning my study journey?

Planning your flights, accommodation, visa and study in Australia can be difficult. Some students will choose to do it all on their own while others will enlist the help of an education or migration agent. 

Whether you are planning your study journey on your own or thinking of using an education agent The Eagle Academy can help you find the right information and/or a suitable education agent. The assistance provided by the academy is free and there is no obligation for you to enrol or follow the suggested advice.

You should always check the Immigration website to make sure your plan meets all of the student visa requirements regardless of whether you are using an education agent or not. 

Please note that The Eagle Academy staff are not qualified to give visa advice however they can put you in contact with Immigration or reputable agents. 

If you would like to get help from our staff please press “Get Help” below and complete the contact form. 

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What are the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirements?

Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirements involve assessing your visa to make sure your intention is to stay in Australia temporarily while you study.

It is essential to understand the requirements to study in Australia before you apply for a visa. The academy offers a GTE Statement Writing Service to help students prepare their statement for submission with their visa. For most students this service is free, for offshore students from AL3 listed countries, the service is $150.  

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What Should I Expect from an Agent?

Education agents in Australia help international students who are unsure how to apply to study in Australia or need assistance with the Australian student visa process. An agent can speak your language, helping to bridge the language barrier. They can tell you about your options for studying and living in Australia as well as assisting with visa and institution applications.

In many cases, agents have experience studying in Australia and can share their experiences with you as well as helping you with the necessary paperwork and understanding the requirements to study in Australia. They are professionals that deal with applications and visa applications every day, meaning they have the knowledge to offer you guidance for your particular circumstances.

When you deal with an agent, ensure you ask about any fees that may be involved using their services. Have a friend or third party help you understand any documents before you sign them. Remember that an education agent cannot guarantee a permanent visa or work placement in Australia after you graduate. Their job is to help with applications, and a reputable agent will be honest about the process.

What is the Relationship Between the Agent and College?

The Eagle Academy only works with agents who accept their responsibilities in relation to the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act) and have an agreement with the Academy. Our staff are not qualified to give immigration advice and cannot help you with your visa application other than the GTE service.

The Academy signs agreements in line with commonwealth and state legislation and regulations. Agents not fulfilling those requirements, and/ or the requirements of the National Code will be removed from our list of agents. Any person who believes the below list contains agents who act unethically, or whose details are not correct, should contact the Academy by email.


Ready to Study in Australia?

If you want to apply to study in Australia, enrol online today! If you’re unsure about the requirements to study in Australia, contact our friendly staff for help. At The Eagle Academy, we are renowned for both providing a quality education as well as friendly support services. Check out our testimonials if you want to see what our students think of our courses, facilities and staff.


Want to become an approved agent? If you would like to work with The Eagle Academy, please contact the administration team. You will be sent the relevant agreement and other offers only available to approved agents. Approved agents also have access to our GTE writing service. This saves the student and agent a lot of time. We’ve had fantastic success with our GTE statements.

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