Our Business Qualifications

These courses can be studied on campus Full Time (Australian/International), by Distance Education (Australian) or a combination of both modes.

Course Prices

The Full Payment (no discount) price is listed on the “All Course and Campus Quick Guide”. You can find this document on the download page of our website. If you would like to know more about payment plans & discounts please contact us by email or phone.

For more information on our courses download the course information sheet from the download page.

University Credit Points

Diploma and Advanced Diploma level courses may be eligible for credit points towards a university degree.

For example, you may be awarded up to an equivalent of 1 years’ credit toward a Bachelor of Business.

Business Courses with Extensive English Support (EES)

We have two business course streams for Certificate I-IV; Standard & EES. The business courses with “Extensive English Support” (EES) have been very popular with our international students.

The Business EES option suits students needing to improve their English so they may succeed in the course, and as an advantage in the international business sector on returning home, where English is not the first language. These courses have a slightly varied set of units focusing on better Business English. As the Academy operates under a VET Progress Policy, student attendance is not monitored in these courses. 

More information can be found in the course information sheets on the download page of the website. 


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