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Marital Status*SingleMarriedDefactoDivorcedSeperatedWidowed

Country of birth


Unique Student Identifier (USI)

*Students require a USI once they have an Australian Visa. Create one here

Learner Unique Identifier

Issued to school age students by the QCAA

Student Citizenship

Is the student an Australian Citizen?

NoBothAboriginalTorres Strait Islander

Student Contact Details

Student Residential Address in Australia

Address must be in Australia and current

Does the student speak a language other than English at home?


Primary Language Spoken at Home

English Standard:

Very WellWellNot WellNot at all
How was this result determined?
I self assessed. I have completed The Eagle Academy English test without an Academy staff member present. I understand I may be tested on commencement, and the result could affect my enrolment.I completed an IELTS/TOEFL/Cambridge/PTE/OET test within the last 2 yearsAn Academy staff member verified my level by using the Test or alternate methods.I’m a native speaker

What is the students highest COMPLETED school level?

Year 12Year 11Year 10Year 9 or equivelantYear 8 or belowDid not go to school
What year did the student complete the school level above?

Is the student still attending secondary/high school?

Has the student SUCCESSFULLY completed a Bachelor, Diploma, Certificate or Other course?


Completed Qualifications:

Bachelor / higher degreeAdvanced diplomaAssociate degreeDiplomaCertificate IVCertificate IIICertificate IICertificate I

What is the students current employment status?

Full TimePart TimeUnemployed (seeking Part Time )Self EmployedEmployed (unpaid)Unemployed (seeking Full Time )EmployerNot Employed

Which BEST describes the students main reason for undertaking this course?

To get a jobTo start my own businessDevelop my existing businessPersonal InterestTo get into another courseGain extra skills for my jobTo get a better jobTry for a different careerRequirement of my job Other reasons

Has the student studied with us before?


Does the student consider themself to have a disability, impairment or long-term condition?

If the student answered YES, please specify:
Brain ImpairmentHearing/DeafIntellectualLearningMedical ConditionMental IllnessPhysicalUnspecifiedOther
More information:

Emergency Contact


Pre-existing skills or experience that might assist the student in their chosen studies:

Additional Support

Would the student like to talk to a support officer about any additional support they may need to undertake their studies? For example, support with Language, Literacy or Numeracy
If so, please indicate the type of support the student might like more information about, so we may assign the best office

How did the student find out about The Eagle Academy?

AgentFriend InternetBrochureOther

Choose a study mode

How would you like to study?

Full TimePart TimeOther

Qld Government Funding

The Eagle Academy is a pre-qualified supplier (PQS) this means we are approved to deliver training and assessment services funded by the Queensland Government under the VET Investment Plan. You can find more information here
To show eligibility you will need to supply evidence you are 15 years old or above and no longer at school (with the exception of VET in Schools students), a permanent Queensland resident, an Australian/New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident and meet the previous qualification requirement of the program.
Please note there are other eligibility criteria and evidence required depending on your enrolment and subsidy application. Please read the VET Investment Plan Information Sheet, Eligibility Guide & Fact Sheets for more information.

Would you like to know if you are eligible?


Are you 15 years or older and no longer at school? Yes (eligible)No (not eligible unless VETIS)

Are you a permanent resident of Queensland? Yes (eligible)No (not eligible)

Are you an Australian/New Zealand Citizen or hold a Permanent Resident Visa? Yes (eligible)No (not eligible)

Are you eligible for concession? Non-conessionalConcessional

Which funding program do you want to access? Certificate 3 GuaranteeHigher Level SkillsOther

Have you completed a Certificate III or higher qualification? NoCertificate IIICertificate IV or Higher

Are you studying or have you completed Government Funded Training? YesNoNot Sure

If you have commenced/completed Government Funded Training please provide more details

Please be advised that you will be required to provide evidence to support your eligibility claims above. The Eagle Academy will then check the information and evidence you have supplied against information in the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training system to determine whether you are eligible or not.

Choose one of our four locations

Where would the student like to study?
Spring HillSouthportCoolangatta

Choose a course from the list below

Choose at least one course from the list below. Please note not all courses are available at all campuses. See the All Campus Quick Guide on the download page for more information.

SIS10115 Certificate I in Sport and RecreationSIS20115 Certificate II in Sport and RecreationSIS30115 Certificate III in Sport and RecreationSIS40313 Certificate IV in Outdoor RecreationSIS50612 Diploma of Sport DevelopmentSIS30315 Certificate III in FitnessSIS40215 Certificate IV in FitnessBSB10115 Certificate I in Business (WITH EXTENSIVE ENGLISH SUPPORT)BSB20115 Certificate II in Business (WITH EXTENSIVE ENGLISH SUPPORT)BSB30115 Certificate III in Business (WITH EXTENSIVE ENGLISH SUPPORT)BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business (WITH EXTENSIVE ENGLISH SUPPORT)BSB10115 Certificate I in BusinessBSB20115 Certificate II in BusinessBSB30115 Certificate III in BusinessBSB40215 Certificate IV in BusinessBSB50215 Diploma of BusinessBSB60215 Advanced Diploma of BusinessBSB61015 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and ManagementELICOS General English – 16 weeksELICOS General English – 28 weeksELICOS General English – 52 weeksELICOS General English – 68 weeksELICOS General English – other lengthELICOS English for Academic Purposes (with IELTS Preparation) – 52 weeksELICOS IELTS Preparation – 16 weeksELICOS IELTS Preparation – 28 weeks

Preferred Commencement Date

If more than one course was chosen, how many weeks break would the student like between each course (0-8weeks)?

0 Weeks4 Weeks6 Weeks8 Weeks

Payment Method

Method of payment

* The payment schedule will be sent upon application.

Select the preferred payment method*Option 1 - Fast PaymentOption 2 - Monthly PaymentSpecial Arrangement – see my notes in the additional information sectionPlease send me Payment Option information

Students passport/licence

Important! The student must submit a copy of their passport/licence with the enrolment

Please be sure to email a clear photocopy of the passport/licence, otherwise processing of the application may be delayed. Acceptable files are PDF, PNG, JPG and JPEG. If the student doesn't have a copy of the passport/licence with them now, continue to complete the online enrolment then email a copy of the passport/licence to the preferred campus. The administration team will not process the enrolment without a clear copy of the passport/licence.
Email the passport/licence to:

Funding Eligibility Evidence

Important! If you want to access Qld Government Funding you will need to supply evidence of eligibility

Please make sure that you provide evidence for all three items below. One document may cover more than one item. For example, a Qld Drivers Licence confirms age and address OR a Birth Certificate confirms age and citizenship.
Age Evidence: Drivers Licence, Proof of Age Card, Passport, Birth Certificate
Qld Address Evidence: Qld Drivers Licence, Health Care Card, other (please see eligibility evidence guide.
Citizenship or Residency Evidence: Passport, Birth Certificate, medicare card, other (please see eligibility evidence guide.
Please be sure to email a clear photocopy of these documents, otherwise, processing of the funding application may be delayed. Acceptable files are PDF, PNG, JPG and JPEG. If the student doesn't have a copy of the with them now, continue to complete the online enrolment then email a copy of the documents to the preferred campus. The administration team will not process the funding enrolment without a clear copy of the eligibility evidence.
Email the documents to:

Additional Information

I require the following additional support.

Enter any additional support the student may need! eg. for hearing impaired students, or those with medical conditions.

Please read before submitting
  • I have read the Student Handbook, Conditions of Enrolment, Care arrangements page (if applicable), Complaints Policy, Refund policy and the Privacy Policy ( I understand the policies and agree to the conditions of enrolment.
  • I have read the Course Information Sheet for the course/s selected above ( I understand all information including delivery mode, pre-requisites and inclusions.
  • I give The Eagle Academy (Xamerg Pty Ltd) the authority to create or locate my USI if it has not been supplied.
  • I understand that I must commit to my studies and attend all classes as well as complete Distance Education & my own research each week if I want to gain the full qualification.
  • I understand that should I miss sessions that contain assessment opportunities I can only catch up on them within 12 months of commencing my course.
  • I understand that if my fees are overdue my enrolment will be automatically suspended and no qualification will be sent until the fees are paid.
  • I understand that changing enrolment information such as course start date once I have been issued with a Confirmation of Enrolment letter will cost $50 (unless the mistake was made by The Eagle Academy).
  • I understand there is no refund of fees after commencement unless allowed for under the PQS Policy.
  • FUNDED: I have read the relevant Fact Sheet for the Qld government funded program (Certificate 3 Guarantee or Higher Level Skills) and the Academy VET Investment Plan Information Sheet. I understand the eligibility requirements, co-contribution fees and my responsibilities including that I must complete an employment survey at the end of my course.
  • FUNDED: I understand that I will no longer be eligible for a government subsidised training place under a program once I have completed the qualification level targeted through the program.
  • FUNDED: In the event that any funding received by The Eagle Academy through subsidised training is re-claimed by the Queensland Government as a result of my being ineligible for that funding, or fraudulent or incorrect information supplied by me in gaining that funding, I agree to pay The Eagle Academy the equivalent of any subsidy/funding received, then re-claimed by The Queensland Government, within 30 calendar days.
  • I acknowledge that all the details on this form are accurate and have been checked.

Students under 18 years of age, and parents, please note you must attend an Under 18 New Student Induction with the student before the student can commence.

* If the student understands and agrees to these conditions, mark all boxes and click submit to finalise the application

Bank Details

BANK: Westpac Banking Corporation
Branch Address: Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, Gold Coast
Account Name: The Eagle Academy
BSB No. 034637
Account No. 22 0567