Just like numeracy and literacy, leadership is a skill that can be taught easily. Whilst it is true that some people are naturally good leaders, we can all develop our leadership skills with the right help.

Practice Discipline

Being a leader is not simply a personality trait. It is also a job: a management job, to be specific. This means that at the end of the day, a leader must manage a group of people and ensure that all goals are met.

For this reason, a good leader must understand discipline. They should follow an active routine themselves and inspire others to be similarly disciplined. Being disorganised, confused or unsure will cause people to judge and diminish your capacity to lead.

Therefore, practice being disciplined. In the workplace, meet deadlines, start and end meetings on time, and keep appointments. At home, implement daily routines and stick to them. They could involve daily exercise, eating at a specific time, or even going to bed or waking up early.

Emotional Awareness

Being an effective leader isn’t just about setting the rules and leading by example. It involves emotional awareness and the ability to help others when they may not be able to help themselves. Therefore, you will need to actively develop your social skills.

Resolving Conflicts

Be open to addressing and resolving conflicts, even if resolving them may require you to step out of your comfort zone.

Listen to Others

Being a leader doesn’t mean you should always be the centre of attention. A good leader must be open to listening to those around them. You will need to actively listen to feedback and suggestions from others. This doesn’t only involve listening to the words they are saying, but also the non-verbal cues. Their words may say one thing, but their eye contact and body language may say something else.

Cultural Awareness

People come from many different cultures and this can have an impact on how they interact in the workplace. A good leader must understand the way in which people from different cultures interact and must be able to work with that in mind.


Being a leader can be stressful. You are responsible for many things and must ensure everything is completed as it should be. Being a good leader involves acknowledging and understanding this responsibility. You will have to handle projects with tight deadlines – and you will have to learn how to work in complex and likely stressful environments.

This understanding must be developed to be a good leader.

Earn a Leadership Qualification

The best way to learn how to be an effective leader is by enrolling in a leadership course. When you obtain an Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management you’ll gain a whole range of skills that you will need to lead and manage a team.

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