How Learning English Can Help You Become a Global Citizen

English is the most widely used language in the world, with 1.5 billion people of the global population speaking it! Many consider English as the global language with international acceptance, and in today’s highly connected world, it is essential to have English skills to become a global citizen.

Here are the top reasons why you should learn English:

Enjoy a range of media

English is the main language used in everyday communication, academia, entertainment and literature. Knowing English means you can access and enjoy a wealth of knowledge and information. You can watch Hollywood movies without the need of subtitles or voice-overs, and read research journals directly from the source language instead of translations. Proficiency in English helps you learn even more, in a wide range of contexts to further your knowledge.

International business

In today’s digital world of high connectivity, it is no wonder that knowing English gives you a clear advantage in the business world. If you work for a global corporation, you’ll be required to correspond with coworkers from different countries, and may even need to travel overseas for meetings. Whatever industry you’re in, having English language ability will allow you to grow your business and network outside of your home country, opening up opportunities especially with internet and online opportunities.

Global awareness

Learning English helps you understand the world and keep up to date with global issues, growing your awareness and sensitivity to become a true global citizen. English is the preferred language of the press and international conferences and events, such as the Olympics. You can meet people from different countries and learn about their culture through communicating in English as a common language, even if they are non-native speakers. English brings everyone together and lets you experience the world.

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