Australia is known as the sporting nation. 80% of Australians* agree that sport is a significant part of our culture. This also makes Australia the perfect location for job opportunities in the sports and recreation industry.

Getting started generally requires a relevant qualification, such as the Certificate III in Sport and Recreation, which can open pathways to:

• Sport and Recreation Attendant

This is a good way to experience the industry and get a foot in the door. As a Sport and Recreation Attendant, you will provide services in a recreational facility, such as equipment hire and maintenance, general administration tasks, as well as ensuring the safety of visitors and patrons.

• Community Recreation Officer

Want to be involved with your local community in a healthy and active way? This role will allow you to organise a variety of recreational activities for schools, youth facilities, and local community centres.

• Leisure Centre Assistant

Leisure Centres are recreation facilities that may include swimming pool, gyms, and sporting facilities such as ball courts. As a centre assistant, you will be providing customer service to guests and visitors, looking after the facility and equipment, and assisting with administration.

• Program Activity Officer

If you want to make a change and deliver benefits in a more hands-on way, this role allows you to develop plans and implement programs to suit and encourage the participation of specific groups, such as an activity for seniors or a sporting program targeting youth.

Higher Level Qualifications

For those who are interested in a higher-level role, the Diploma of Sport will give you the necessary knowledge and skills to become a high-performance coach or sports manager:

• Competition Official

If you enjoy being part of sporting competitions, then as a competition official you will be involved in the planning, operations and management of events and matches in your organisation or region.

• Sports Development Manager

Promoting sports and skills development as your focus, as a sports development manager, you will plan, design and oversee the participation of various groups in sports. You may also train and instruct team members in your organisation, plan strategies and analyse participant performances and developing abilities.

• Sports Coach

If you have a passion for growing and developing high-performing athletes, then as a sports coach you will plan and deliver coaching programs to suit your athlete, helping them to reach their potential. You will also be motivating sportspersons and supervising practice sessions to ensure the best outcomes.

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