Learning English takes time and practice. With the right steps, however, you can significantly improve your English abilities over a shorter period.

Set Goals

As with any big commitment, it is important to set goals. When studying English as a second language, this may involve deciding why you want to learn English. Is it for professional reasons? Do you want to improve the English you use in your day to day life? This is important to acknowledge, as this impacts upon the type of study you will need to do.

Once you make note of why you are learning English, choose a time frame. By what time do you want to achieve your goal? This will give you something to work towards.

Make Your Goal Specific

A general goal won’t help you. Instead, model your goal on the following:

  • Within three months, I want to be able to hold a conversation with a Native English speaker about food, football and travel.
  • Within six months, I want to feel comfortable communicating in a professional environment relevant to my career.
  • Within eight months, I want to score a 7 on the IELTS test so that I can be accepted into my university or workplace of choice.

Having a time limit and clear goal will allow you to create a routine and evaluate your progress on your learning journey.

Work Towards Your Goal

Once you establish a goal, it is time to work towards it. This should involve finding resources that allow you to reach your goal. Your two main options are self-study or engaging with a professional who can guide you. Some people start off with self-study and then choose to invest in a course as it will help them learn English faster.

Invest in a Course

Undertaking an English as a Second Language (ESL) course is one of the best steps you can take to learn English. Having a professional teacher guide you through the language will take the burden off you and let you focus on learning, as opposed to choosing what you need to study.

Professional teachers undergo training and study to learn how to effectively teach students the English language. They have knowledge, experience and understanding that will prove helpful to your English study.

The Eagle Academy provides a range of English Language Intensive Courses aimed at advancing your English skills quickly. Whether you want to study an English course in Australia to improve your ability to communicate in professional situations or for everyday life, we will be able to meet your needs.

Want to Study English in Australia?

The Eagle Academy offers international students the option to learn English in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. By studying in Australia, you’ll be constantly exposed to the English language and learn the skills needed fast.

Contact our Spring Hill campus for our English course in Brisbane and our Coolangatta campus for our English course in Gold Coast.