Being able to communicate with locals and other students in your school in Australia will make the entire experience more enjoyable. Although Australia is a multicultural country, English is the primary language – and learning it can become even more difficult when you consider Australian slang!

Australians are widely known for their laid-back, welcoming attitude, and will be patient with you while you improve your English speaking skills. However, you’ll get a real confidence boost if you’ve brushed up on your English before you arrive. To help, here are some tips to enhance your speaking skills, so you can more easily make friends, find your way around and ease stress when you get to Australia.


Helpful techniques to improve your English speaking skills

English is a notoriously difficult language to learn, but there’s no better way than by immersing yourself in the culture and learning through conversation. Before you arrive in Australia, there are a few ways to give yourself a head start on the language.

1. Download a language app

There are many apps for learning a foreign language available – with lots offering a comprehensive free platform. Apps are regularly favoured over books, as they’re more interactive, and users can listen to English native speakers to get a better understanding of how words and phrases should be pronounced. Duolingo is probably the most popular, encouraging users to practise English a little bit every day. Others you could try include Awabe and Learn English Daily.

2. Immerse yourself in English in the real world

There’s no better way to understand a language and culture than to experience it in the real world. But how can you do this before you arrive in Australia? Try watching TV programs and movies in English (with subtitles at first, then without). Read English newspapers and children’s books, listen to English music, and leave an English radio channel playing in the background as you go about your day.

3. Start using English at home

The best way to feel confident using a new language is to just use it. If possible, find a study buddy and meet with them or call them to practise using English. Incorporate the language into parts of your day. For example, write your shopping list in English, leave reminders in English, jot down any new phrases you learn and even sing songs in English.


English courses at The Eagle Academy

The Eagle Academy offers English courses in Australia at our Queensland campuses. There’s a range of English Language Intensive Courses for overseas students, as well as English tuition including English for Academic Purposes.

Our courses can be studied on campus, but we also offer quality distance learning for students that are unable to get to Australia at this time.


Contact The Eagle Academy to discuss our courses

ESL students at The Eagle Academy can count on a progressive course to improve their English fluency in both professional settings and day-to-day life. To find out more about how you can improve your speaking skills, even before you arrive in Australia, contact us online and we’ll provide the information you need.