First aid short courses in Australia are often required by workplaces as a prerequisite to be employed there. However, the difference between first aid qualifications and other qualifications is that with time, they expire.


General Expiry

In Australia, many first aid qualifications are valid for 3 years, whereas the CPR component stays valid for one. If your certificate completely expires, you will be required to take part in another complete full First Aid course. Therefore, it is recommended that instead of waiting for your certificate to expire, you take a ‘refresher’ course before it does – saving you the extra cost, time and effort of having to completely redo your certificate.



CPR courses should be updated every 12 months, as studies show our retention when it comes to CPR is low.

You should consider booking a refresher course every 12 months for your own personal and professional benefit. It could help you save a life.


Refresher CPR Courses

Refresher CPR courses in Australia offer an opportunity to refresh the vital skills and knowledge participants need to control an emergency. They focus on refreshing how to maintain breathing and circulation following cardiac arrest in adults, children and infants. Taking a refresher CPR course before your certificate expires ensures you will not have to complete an entire certificate again. The Eagle Academy offers extensive first aid courses in Queensland for international students and local students.


Why Should I Refresh My Course?

For many of us, choosing to refresh our certificates may seem like a burden. However, when it comes down to it, refreshing your certificates is better for your knowledge on CPR, should you ever be put in a situation that requires you perform CPR.


Change Over Time

Knowledge and first aid skills change over time. Doing an up-to-date course is the only way to know what is currently applicable.


Be Prepared

Over time, our memory fades. The only way to be completely sure that you will be able to calmly and positively react, respond and help someone in an emergency is if you know what to do. Having a faint memory of which actions to take wouldn’t help you save a life.


Understanding Emergencies

First aid courses don’t only teach you the skills you’ll need in an emergency. They also teach you how to avoid them. In your workplace, this could be very useful knowledge. Even if it isn’t an industry requirement, it is knowledge worth having.


Want to Study in Australia?

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