Do you enjoy being active and helping others achieve physical goals? Then embarking on a career in Fitness might just be what you need.

Nowadays, as we spend more time on devices and being tied to a 9-5 desk job, it is no surprise that many Australians are looking for ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Embrace in a career that you can truly enjoy:

A career in the Fitness industry allows you to spend time being active, while earning income in helping others transform their lives, achieve physical goals, and stay mentally healthy with the additional benefits of fitness.

What better way to start your workday knowing that not only will you feel better, but also your clients!

How do I get started?

In Australia, you will need to obtain a Nationally Accredited qualification in order to legally work in the Fitness industry and provide personal training. The qualifications include: SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness and SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness.

Which Qualification do I need?

The Certificate III in Fitness is a great starting point for those who are looking at becoming a Fitness Coach or Gym Instructor. This qualification will equip you with skills and knowledge in providing exercise instruction, running gym programs, and conducting fitness activities.

The Certificate IV in Fitness takes you further in providing you with the ability to train individual clients, which may include older adults and children, on a one-to-one basis. This level of competency requires you to first possess a Certificate III in Fitness with the required First Aid units.

How long does it take to become a Personal Trainer in Australia?

You will need to complete Certificate III in Fitness (one-year course) as well as the Certificate IV in Fitness (one-year course) to qualify as a Personal Trainer. Part time options are available for domestic Australian residents as well.

Where can I work in Fitness?

There are many pathways and opportunities depending on your aspirations. Work can be undertaken in locations such as gyms, pools, community facilities, fitness centres, as well as outdoor environments.

Studying Fitness at The Eagle Academy

Our Nationally Accredited Fitness courses are available at both the Gold Coast and Brisbane campuses. We offer a range of times to attend sessions including tuition, where you will be supervised and assisted by our team of dedicated trainers to work through your course at a pace that suits you.

Government funding may also be available for the Certificate III in Fitness course. Eligibility criteria applies for Australian students residing in Queensland.

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