The recent pandemic has been drastically changing the Australian job market. While some industries may downsize their workforce, many booming industries continue to recruit new workers. This is a perfect time to upskill and open up new career opportunities, especially if your job has been impacted.

How does studying a VET course help?

VET courses are a perfect way to transition into a new career, let’s look at several key benefits:

1) Acquiring Specific Skills

Businesses are increasingly on the lookout for candidates that have the right qualification and skills specific to their industries. Studying a VET course allows you to gain competencies and workplace skills that give you the advantage over others. You will be work-ready and have a higher chance in gaining employment in the new field.

2) Flexible Study Options

In addition to face-to-face delivery, many courses now offer the flexibility to study online or in a mixed mode. You can complete your course around other work and family commitments at a time and place that suits you. For those who wish to finish their course as quickly as possible, self-paced study can offer you the additional advantage so that you can enter the job market equipped with a qualification sooner.

3) Further Education

If you find that you wish to continue into further education, a VET course can be used as a pathway for entry into most universities in Australia. Many find that starting straight with a degree can be overwhelming, a VET course will prepare you to ease into higher tertiary education as well as gaining credits for entrance, giving you a head start.

VET Courses at The Eagle Academy

The Eagle Academy offers a wide range of VET courses to domestic and international students, helping you gain the skills you need for a career transition.

Our qualifications are nationally recognised and delivered by our dedicated and experienced trainers, in a range of online, face-to-face or distance learning modes to suit your needs.

Time to upskill? Achieve qualifications in English, business, sports, fitness and outdoor leadership courses with The Eagle Academy today! Visit our Course Information page to find out more.