Studying another language is much more than just memorising and reciting words in a classroom. To learn English well you’ll also need to experience using it in everyday life and apply your language skills in real-life settings.

Australia offers one of the best environments for those who are studying English. With a multicultural mix of students from all over the world, combined with our world-class educational framework and facilities, you can learn English in a truly unique, diverse, and beautiful environment.

Australian English language instruction is of high quality, with mandatory national standards and an industry-led quality framework in place. This ensures that you are getting the best English education, no matter where you choose to study.

Types of English Courses

Depending on your level and ability, Australia offers a wide range of English courses, from general ELICOS to courses that prepare you for internationally recognised testing standards.

ELICOS / General English

For those wanting to focus on everyday communication skills such as speaking and listening, and to improve general proficiency in English to prepare for entry-level certificate courses or work purposes, ELICOS would be an ideal option. You can progress from beginner to advanced levels, or start somewhere in between. The course length is flexible and can be adjusted to suit your needs.

EAP – English for Academic Purposes

If you’re planning to further your studies in higher-level education such as colleges and universities, then an EAP course might suit you. Academic English is often quite different to the general English you use in everyday life and involves additional knowledge and understanding in the writing style used in academic settings. The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course aims to help you develop the skills required for Technical & Further Education (TAFE), foundation studies courses and university at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

IELTS Exam Preparation

English language proficiency examinations are often required for work, immigration, and higher-level education. The most common examinations are IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, or the Cambridge Certificate. Studying an exam preparation course can help you understand the test structure and hone in on the specific skills to succeed in the exam. For example, IELTS tests the four skills of language learning. You will develop skills in:

  • Listening – note-taking, listening for specific information
  • Speaking – expressing ideas and opinions, pronunciation, seeking clarification
  • Writing – interpreting questions, grammatical accuracy and organising content
  • Reading – speed reading strategies, understanding graphs and charts, analysing IELTS specimen papers

Learning English at The Eagle Academy

The Eagle Academy provides a range of English Language Intensive Courses for international students including English for Academic Purposes (EAP), IELTS Preparation & General English.

With the perfect climate and beautiful landscape in Queensland, our campuses in Brisbane and the Gold Coast provide the ideal destination for you to improve your English in Australia. Students can choose between the city or beachside lifestyle while enjoying a high-quality English education.

Contact our friendly team for more information or we can help you connect with an education agent to assist with visa applications to study English in Australia.