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    Terms & Conditions
    -You must personally accompany your friend/s to the academy when they enrol, or they must mention your full name in writing on the enrolment form (see Additional Information section). You will not be eligible for the reward payment if the student mentions you after completing the enrolment form. 
    -The new student (your friend) cannot be a past, future or current student.
    -The new student must not have had a previous enrolment with The Eagle Academy.
    -The friend finder (you) must be a current, future or past student.
    -Payment of the reward will only be paid upon commencement of the friend's first course. The student must physically come to campus to commence their course for the payment to be processed.
    -Valid on courses valued at $1400 or more only. 
    -A $20 international transfer fee will be deducted on rewards paid to international bank accounts. 
    -No additional payments will be made in the event that incorrect bank details are provided resulting in payment to the wrong account. 

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    New Student Campus: Spring HillCoolangatta

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