As a highly versatile qualification, business courses in Australia attract students from all over the world. Both domestic and international students that want to enhance areas of their knowledge to further their career or gain credits for their bachelor degree choose business qualifications.

The Eagle Academy provides courses in business and a range of other disciplines, so students can achieve Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas in their chosen field. If you’re considering studying business in Australia, this could be a fantastic way to advance your skills and career.


The benefits of business qualifications

As one of the most popular fields amongst international students in Australia, a business course can provide a huge range of benefits. For example:

  • There is a range of sub-categories within the study of business so students can choose their main interest and further hone their knowledge in that area. From business administration, management and leadership skills, to accounting and finance, there are many choices that can open up opportunities for a range of job roles.
  • Studying business provides students with a variety of other transferable skills, such as improving communication and time-management. These practical skills are highly sought-after amongst employers in Australia and across the world.
  • International students can improve their English language skills. As the global language of business, living in Australia and immersing yourself in the culture helps to improve your fluency in English and overcome language barriers.
  • Graduates in Australia are highly employable worldwide, thanks to widely-recognised qualifications and a high-quality education system.
  • Many institutions offer students the chance to engage in real work experience opportunities, with internships and practical learning the industry norm.


Business courses at The Eagle Academy

The Eagle Academy offers comprehensive business courses in Queensland for both domestic and international students. From introductory business courses through to leadership courses and more, students can gain certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas in their chosen business field.

Many of our courses award the credits needed to gain access to top Australian universities, and can be combined with Extensive English Support (EES) for international students that want to further their English language skills. EES is designed to offer a competitive edge to our students in international business, where English is not their first language.

Our courses are currently available online via Zoom seminars, while international students make arrangements to move to Australia to study once the travel ban has been lifted.


Kick start your education

Start your journey to a career in business today and prove you have the skills that employers want. There’s no need to wait until you arrive in Australia; simply kick start distance learning with the experienced tutors at The Eagle Academy.

Our education agents are on-hand to assist you with the move to Australia – helping with travel, visas, accommodation and more. For more information, contact our team directly online and we’d be happy to discuss our current scope of business qualifications.