Australia’s many beautiful states each offer a wealth of opportunities to international students. From a diverse culture to beautiful scenery and high-quality education; it’s no wonder Australia is the third most popular destination for students from all over the world.

Queensland – also known as the “Sunshine State” thanks to tropical climates and numerous beaches – is a popular state for expats. Australia’s quality of life was rated 4th on the world scale in 2020, and in Queensland, students can truly experience the famous outdoor lifestyle. Queenslanders are also known for being friendly, welcoming, and being relaxed. If you’re considering Australia as a place to further your education, here’s why the Sunshine State could be the ideal destination.

What to expect from a Brisbane lifestyle

Living in Brisbane and surrounding areas is attractive for those that seek blue skies, a warm climate and a laid-back mindset. In recent years, Brisbane has developed into a cosmopolitan style city, with stylish restaurants and high-end shops in the central business district.

It’s a multicultural and vibrant city that brings all of the benefits you’d expect from a modern Australian city, with some of the country’s best beaches just a drive away. Despite the city’s status as a major business hub, it’s more affordable than many other popular Australian cities. The cost of living in Queensland is relatively low, with rent prices being 38.05% lower than Sydney, and 14.6% lower than Melbourne.

For those who want a year-round summer, you might like to know that Queensland delivers the highest temperatures in the country, after Darwin. You can expect mild, dry winters with an average temperature of 20 degrees, and hot but rainy summers that average a maximum of 29 degrees.

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The Eagle Academy provides educational courses to domestic and international students in Queensland, with campuses in Carina, Spring Hill, Southport and Coolangatta. With a range of courses that are continuously improving and adapting to students’ changing needs, we’re the best choice for students looking for a complete sports, fitness and recreation academy.

Interested in studying the program of your choice in Queensland to further your career? The Eagle Academy has offered a variety of courses since 2003, with vast opportunities and personal support for international students to make the move to the Sunshine State.

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