5 Benefits of Knowing First Aid


In some occupations a first aid certificate is compulsory. Still, even if your job doesn't require you to have one, it's wise to learn first aid and CPR and keep [...]

5 Benefits of Knowing First Aid2020-03-30T17:32:01+10:00

The Perfect Careers for Adrenaline Junkies


Adrenaline junkies and outdoor enthusiasts rejoice, you can indulge your passion and have a well-paid career with a range of outdoor recreation courses to suit you. Your perfect career could start [...]

The Perfect Careers for Adrenaline Junkies2019-11-05T08:01:33+10:00

Now You Can Study the Sports You Love


If you’re mad about sports, there's undoubtedly no better way to indulge your passion than to study for a career in the sports and recreation industry. The Eagle Academy currently offers [...]

Now You Can Study the Sports You Love2019-11-05T08:00:23+10:00

How Often Should I Do a First Aid Course?


First aid short courses in Australia are often required by workplaces as a prerequisite to be employed there. However, the difference between first aid qualifications and other qualifications is that [...]

How Often Should I Do a First Aid Course?2019-12-10T10:06:56+10:00

Open Pathways by Studying English


So many international students choose to study English each year, and for a very good reason. Having proficient use of the English language can open up career prospects. It can [...]

Open Pathways by Studying English2019-09-03T13:24:26+10:00

Why Study Business in Australia?


If you're interested in studying business courses in Australia and you want a practical and flexible course, consider studying with The Eagle Academy. These courses will set you up with [...]

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