There is a growing interest in personal training in Australia with more and more people signing up for programs to help them reach their fitness goals. Personal training is a fantastic opportunity for international students who are interested in health and fitness because this flexible role is highly sought after in even the most rural places.

The best personal trainer courses in Australia can be found at The Eagle Academy! In this article, we’re exploring how to become a personal trainer in Australia and the qualifications you’ll need to get started.

The Benefits of Being a Personal Trainer

There are many benefits in becoming a personal trainer. You’ll understand how your body works and stay healthy with plenty of free time to work out. Other benefits include:

  • Helping people achieve their goals and change their lives, making them healthy and confident
  • Turn your passion for health and fitness into a career
  • Meeting new people with similar interests as you
  • Flexible work hours – you can create your own schedule!

If you’re looking for a change in your career and you’d like to find a stable job in Australia, becoming a personal trainer might be right for you. Personal training is a job you can take with you anywhere in the world, so get started in Australia today. You can work independently in many settings, such as within fitness centres, gyms, community facilities and open spaces.

The career pathways are varied in this field – you could end up owning and running your own gym, or you could keep a flexible schedule by working as a contractor.

Personal Trainer Qualifications

To become a personal trainer in Australia, you will need a Certificate III (Gym Instructor) and IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer). These certificates from The Eagle Academy will give you the necessary skills and knowledge to be competent in a range of activities within the fitness industry. Once you have completed your training, you will be able to train individual clients on a one-on-one basis.

The prerequisites for this certificate are a Certificate III in Fitness and the required first aid unit to perform the job to a high standard. The full-time, one year course is available to Australians and international students on a visa. English to a “well” level is preferred, and applicants must have completed year 10 (Australia) or an international equivalent.

Get Your Study Visa and Get Started!

Studying in Australia is simple because our visa system is set up to support international students – just research the student visa (subclass 500) and you’ll be on your way. Studying fitness courses with The Eagle Academy’s excellent facilities will get you ready to step into your new role as a personal trainer.

Learn more about fitness courses here.

To become a personal trainer contact us at The Eagle Academy. Plus, we can deliver Fitness via distance education to anywhere Australia!