If you’re planning to study overseas, then Australia is the perfect destination that not only offers world-class education but also amazingly beautiful landscapes, a culturally diverse population, as well as excellent work opportunities while studying.

Applying to Australian educational institutions is a straightforward process once you have done your research and planning.

Here are 4 simple steps to help you get started:

1) Selecting Your Course

Firstly, you’ll need to decide on the course you wish to study. You can do most of your research online based on your intended career path. Once you have an idea of the course that suits you, you can locate the institutions that offer this option and narrow down on several providers that you can directly enquire from. You can ask for help and advice from each provider to help you make the final decision.

2) Applying for Your Course

When you have decided on the course and provider, it’s time to apply. Nowadays applications can be easily submitted online. You will need to prepare some important documentation before your apply. This usually includes:

  • Identification documents such as your passport, with personal details
  • English language ability and proficiency certification
  • Previous or current education qualifications and transcripts
  • Other relevant employment or industry experience related to your course

You can also contact a registered agent for assistance or the education provider if you’re unsure about the application process.

3) Offer and Acceptance

After submitting your application it will be processed and assessed by the education provider. If accepted, you will receive a Letter of Offer in which you should read carefully to ensure that you meet the conditions before accepting your offer. Most institutions will require you to also make a payment before the issuance of the Confirmation of Enrolment (COE).

4) Applying for Your Visa

With your Letter of Offer and the COE, you can now apply for your student visa with the immigration department. Again, this can be done online and more help is available from the official website or by contacting an education agent. Depending on your course start date, it is also time to look into travel arrangements, accommodation, and health covers. Check with your education provider to see if they offer assistance in these areas.

Studying with The Eagle Academy

The Eagle Academy provides a range of accredited courses in our Queensland campuses – Brisbane and Gold Coast. With a combination of beautiful coastal lifestyle and city convenience, our locations are the perfect destinations for overseas students.

You can submit an online enquiry or enrolment application directly from our website, and we offer assistance with agent recommendations depending on your nationality as well as overseas health cover to get you on the right path.

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