Natalia F V. studied Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation

For me this course didn’t feel like studying but like an outdoor adventure all through. I have been (along with the best mates you can imagine) practicing sports while learning its techniques. Sports such as boating, jetsky, kayaking, scuba diving, bushwalking, high and low ropes, climbing, snorkeling… I’m leaving Australia full of joy to have experienced this opportunity and to have seen many places that the school took me, plus I became more professional in the field I love the most: outdoor recreation, specially surfing.

And what to say about surfing… I couldn’t me more grateful to all the effort and good vibes that Marcel (surfing director of Broadbeach school) put into helping me developing my skills both as a coach and as a free surfer.

Now that I experienced the feeling more than ever, I will always live by the beach.

Mark S. studied Certificate III in Fitness

I am a student enrolled in Certificate III in Fitness training course. I am near finishing the course after enrolling in early August 2017. I am writing this letter in regard to our fitness teacher Landon Reading. I have been involved in the fitness industry for over 30 years having met numerous professionals working in health and fitness. Landon Reading is the most professional, knowledgeable, and diligent teacher and trainer I have met in all the years of involvement in the health and fitness sector; and in gymnasiums throughout the world. I have acquired valuable learning from Landon’s tuition, conduct and demonstration, as well as benefiting from his good example. Landon is always friendly, approachable, and has a positive attitude; having earned the respect of the students in our class as a  result. I simply wanted to write this letter to show my appreciation for Landon’s commitment to equipping us to be the best we can be. Landon’s in depth knowledge and passion for health and fitness is exemplary and an excellent accreditation for your business. I would recommend anyone wanting to further their knowledge and experience in health and fitness to be taught and trained by Landon.

Yuki N. studied Certificate II in Sport and Recreation

I chose The Eagle Academy because of the location and has the course of sport. Everyone is very friendly. I liked the course because instructor Landon is really nice. I most enjoyed the excursions.Landon is always highly motivated and helpful. Because he was my instructor I enjoyed study in the school. I thank him very much.

Yupha D. studied Certificate II in Business

I choose to study at The Eagle Academy because they have the course that I want to study and value for money. All staff at The Eagle Academy friendly and support me. Very good. Thank you all the staff. I like the course because I can develop knowledge and skill for work. I enjoy everything. The most I enjoy trainer Maria. She is very good and gives me help and supports students. She is clear to understand.

Unai C S. studied Diploma of Business

I chose The Eagle Academy because of previous experience and good value. I have nothing but compliments about the staff. Maria is TOP TOP! Great patience, communication skills and empowerment. I most enjoyed the environment, facilities and staff.

Vesna K. studied Certificate I in Business

I chose The Eagle Academy because it had a very flexible timetable, affordable course and nice facilities. I found the staff to be very friendly and helpful. Loved our teacher Maria who put a lot of love and effort into making this course interesting and easy to understand. I really appreciate the flexible timetable and professionalism.

Leanne W. studied Diploma of Business

I chose The Eagle Academy because of friendly staff and good reputation. Maria is amazing. Best teacher. I liked the course because I gained a lot of new skills. I enjoyed the environment and was able to study at my own pace whilst sticking to the course structure.

Tatiana M D. studied Certificate I in Sport and Recreation

I choose Eagle because I like the schedule to study and because I knew they do a lot of activities. I think the staff are friendly and helpful. I liked the course because I am really interested in everything that I learned. I most enjoyed the activities on the beach.

Gabriela A. studied Certificate I in Sport and Recreation

I chose the Eagle Academy because I wanted to study a 4 month sports course. I found the staff to be really helpful and lovely people. I love the course because it was related with sport, all the excursions and activities. Thank you very much for helping me and for giving me the possibility to study and the same time enjoy Australia. Thank you!

Javier N L. studied Certificate I in Sport and Recreation

I chose the Eagle Academy because I love sport and I wanted to do this kind of course. I think the staff are friendly, good people and always have a smile. I liked the course because we did outdoor activities and discovered new places. I most enjoyed the outdoor time.

Natsuki A. studied Certificate I in Sport and Recreation

I chose The Eagle Academy because I wanted to learn about sport activities. The staff are very friendly, lovely. I liked the course because I could also learn about first aid. I found the standing up paddle most enjoyable. I had a great time at The Eagle Academy. I wanted to extend the school.

Dariusz A. studied Certificate IV in Fitness

I chose The Eagle Academy because of good feedback from friends, staff helpful and friendly. I like the course because I exercise and want to be a PT. The staff are very friendly, helpful and professional. I most enjoyed class sessions, knowledge and exercise. I recommend The Eagle Academy to new students.

Grace R. studied Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation

My experience with The Eagle Academy was even more than what I anticipated! I chose to study with The Eagle Academy as I saw how many options and diversity of activities Certificate IV Outdoor Recreation has to offer. I wanted to be a part of this. The Eagle Academy were so supportive of me. I met my teacher and my fellow students and I instantly felt a good vibe and connection. The first day of my course was learning about what was coming up for this term, I could not believe it was snorkelling and fishing for our practical 🙂 I was so stoked! I personally loved learning again in class, being with students who I can learn from and meeting new people along the way and honestly thank The Eagle Academy so much for this!

Laura D. studied English

I would like to thank all the EAGLE ACADEMY’s staff for their great kindness towards me. In the months that I attended the school, I found a relaxing and relaxed atmosphere!! The teachers are all very competent and very patient with us students. The thing that I most appreciated was the great willingness to solve every problem with great participation and diligence. I thank you for everything …you are wonderful. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Matteo M. studied Certificate III in Fitness

The Eagle Academy has the best quality training and price! The staff are friendly and very well trained. I enjoyed the course topics and class were always positive.

Borbala Z. studied Certificate I in Sport & Recreation

The staff at The Eagle Academy are super friendly and helpful. Liked the course as it was good, I learned lots of useful information that I can use in my life as well as making new friends. I enjoyed when we would go out and do activities like kayaking!

Davide P. studied Certificates II & III in Sport and Recreation

Great Academy! Excellent staff and teachers! comfortable location, nice classrooms, fields, gym and swimming pool.

Ingrida L. studied Certificate IV in Business

Great place to study! Competent and qualified trainers. We study not just “plain” theory – trainers give examples from real life or their own experience. Very friendly and helpful staff – they are ready to help anytime with all your queries. Clean and cosy premises. Well equipped gym hall where students can workout, play table tennis or pool. Would highly recommend to all my friends and for people who are looking for a quality for a reasonable price.

Adrian L. studied English

Great teachers and the administration staff, very helpful and kind.

Yu N. studied Diploma of Sport Development

I chose The Eagle Academy because of its good location, course structure and the price was suitable for me. The staff are friendly and helpful. I liked the course as it was fun to learn sport development as well as meeting new people and participating in activities. I had a great time studying at Eagle Academy and enjoyed going on excursions the most.

Thoma B. studied Diploma of Business

Great place to study, staff are supportive and proactive towards helping your studies! Facilities and courses are competitive to other colleges, would highly recommend.

Iren P. studied English

It’s a great place for study! You will be able to find the right course for you , no matter if you are a domestic or an international student. Teachers and staff are great!

Lena U. studied Diploma of Business

Thank you so much on your kind words! It was a big pleasure for me to study in your class too! When I have a chance to come to Brisbane definitely will come by and say Hi! =)

I am looking forward to my Advanced Diploma course!

James S. studied Diploma of Business

I just wanted to say a massive than you for all your help the past 11 months! You made the business course really relatable for what I was doing in work and it was massively helpful, I really enjoyed it and really appreciated it.

Nika P. studied Certificates III and IV in Fitness

The Eagle Academy helped me to get my Australian qualifications because I am coming from Slovenia and got my qualifications there and most of it wasn’t recognized here. I already had a lot of knowledge but I did learn a lot about how everything works here. My teacher Landon Reading was very helpful and was always trying to answer all my questions. And we shared the same passion about healthy plant based nutrition so there was always something new I learnt.

I liked learning new stuff and sharing opinions on different things with school mates. I would definitely recommend The Eagle Academy to a friend that wants to work in fitness industry. You gain a lot of knowledge but you need to do the work yourself as well.

I would tell them that our teacher was great and that he really helped me a lot with starting to work as a group fitness instructor here. I got a lot of advice from him even if it was not a part of curriculum. He would always go an extra mile for us.

Yoshie Hashimoto studied the Certificates III in Sport and Recreation, Diploma in Sport and Development and III in Business

“Thank you for your e-mail and attachment I received on 7th.

And you made me very very happy to giving me ‘the student of the month’ award. Thank you so much!

Every one is different and different reason to study with you. I am studying for my visa, but since I’ve studied with you from 2013, I know more things than before. You gave me the opportunity to stay here in Australia and learn. All trainers I study with are very nice, helpful and had a lot of knowledge. All office staffs are very kind and helpful, too. Always gave me advice.

I was thinking on the way to school that day, ‘I think I am doing good, go to school, working hard and looking after my son…’ And Peter announced me got the award! It’s very nice to have something what I made effort.

When I stared Business course I was not sure I will be able to finish this. I don’t have to write or read in English for my work and I don’t know anything about business. After I moved to Coolangatta, Peter talked me what and how I want to do this course. After that I know what I can achieve and I think I did! I know somethings I didn’t know and a little bit more about how to use word and power point!

I will be back the end of July for business 4!

Thank you so much!”

Helle Friis Knudsen studied Certificates IV in Spoken and written English

“The staff are very accommodating, very friendly, always a hello. I had an amazing teacher Karen. She create a great learning environment, where diversity is seeing as a gift. She is interested in students well being – I gain a lot of confidence to believe in myself and my English skills. Karen created an active learning process, by being active you create reflection, knowledge and the most important thing, you often realize what you have understood and learned but also what you didn’t learn or understood. I learned a lot about job seeking skills and customer service. I think Karen is an outstanding teacher. I would like to thank Darren as well, he creates great learning environment and he is a great teacher.

I loved to come every week for my class, seeing my fellow student learn English.”