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    Students wishing to cancel their course agree to complete this form, submit sufficient evidence to support their reason for cancellation, attend a meeting with a manager (if required) and pay any outstanding fees as well as a $200 cancellation fee (Excludes Visa Refusal). Sufficient evidence may include but is not limited to flight tickets, stamp on passport, visa cancellation letter, medical certificate or death certificate. Students are advised to contact Immigration when transferring courses as it may affect their visa (see Cancellations may not be processed until sufficient evidence, fees and CEO/Manager approval are received.
    1. The student first completes an application for cancellation, pays any fees that are overdue and submits sufficient evidence to support the reason for cancellation. Manager approval will not be sought until the student has supplied sufficient evidence and/or attended a meeting with the manager as requested.
    2. A manager assesses the student’s enrolment and cancellation details before making a decision on whether to approve or deny the cancelation request. The student will then be informed of the outcome.
    3. If the cancelation application is approved the process will continue to next step. If the cancelation application is denied the student can access alternate appeal methods or continue studying.
    4. If the cancellation application is approved, the student must pay a $200 cancellation fee (per course) to finalise cancellation and email the proof of payment to the administration team.
    5. The administration team will process the cancellation and send the cancelled Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

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