What are some of the key skills that an employer looks for in job applicants?

Regardless of industry or field, there are 5 important soft skills that you must have when applying for any position. The DESE (Department of Education, Skills and Employment) lists them as below:

1 Teamwork

Are you able to get along with others to discuss ideas and work together as a team? It’s important to demonstrate the ability to work effectively with others in any workplace.

2 Organisational Skills

How can you demonstrate that you can work on a job with minimal supervision? Organisational skills are a must to show that you are able to plan, prioritise and get tasks done on time.

3 Problem Solving

Sometimes things don’t always work out to be the way they should. What happens when your equipment is not function, or when you’re faced with a customer complaint? Employers want to see that you can come up with a range of solutions when things don’t go right.

4 Communication

Communication is involved in every role, whether it be with customers, between other staff and team members, or with other industry representatives. You need to demonstrate the ability to speak and write in a professional manner.

5 Initiation & Creativity

The recent pandemic has reminded us that the market and workplace is always changing. Are you able to adapt to changes and be proactive in coming up with creative ideas to meet the needs of the workplace?

How do you go about improving on these skills?

If you’re looking at building up these key skills, then a Business qualification would prepare you stand out amongst other applicants. Each course is structured to allow you opportunities to learn, practise, and refine all the above 5 skills to put on your resume.

For example, below are some units from a Certificate III in Business that will equip you with these key skills:

  • Apply critical thinking skills in a team environment
  • Organise personal work priorities
  • Contribute to continuous improvement
  • Process customer complaints
  • Design and produce business documents

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