There seems to be a misconception that business studies are only for those aiming for management positions or starting their own business.

In fact, the skills and knowledge that you learn and develop in a business course, are transferrable to any sector and for any role! Not only can you set yourself up to be a more desirable candidate for employment, but you also gain many essential life skills that can boost your performance.

Here are 4 good reasons why you should study Business:


Strengthen your communication skills with a business course. To be successful in any role, you will be required to possess solid communication ability, whether it be writing an email or speaking with customers. Business courses also prepare you to handle challenging situations such as complaints and conflict in a professional and safe manner.


As with budgeting in real life, any business, including not-for-profit organisations require sound financial management. Studying business will equip you with the necessary skills to ensure that your finances stay on track, such as conducting a cost-benefit analysis, risk planning, and producing financial reports.


Marketing and advertising are not just for businesses! The first promotion you will do is appealing yourself as an ideal candidate for your job application. Business studies include marketing components so you can understand who your target audience is and create a tailored message appealing to them, whether it be customers, your boss, or your business network.


Finally, a must-have skill is being able to manage tasks and projects. This requires you to prioritise your time and resources, as well as finding cost-effective solutions to complete your work efficiently while meeting deadlines. Through your business course, you will develop management skills through case studies, creating business plans, and conducting project analysis.

Study Business with The Eagle Academy

Studying business can certainly open a world of opportunities for you. If you want to gain confidence and present yourself as an appealing candidate for any job role, then why not enrol in a Business Course to get started?

The Eagle Academy offers a range of Business courses to suit your needs, from Certificate I – IV in Business as well as Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels, if you wish to pursue further studies in a university.

Our campuses are conveniently located on the Gold Coast and Brisbane with flexible Online Study Options so that you can study around your schedule.

Government subsidy may also be available for Queensland residents, from ONLY $12* for Certificate III in Business. Eligibility criteria applies.

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