Do you have the potential to be a Personal Trainer? What benefits can you bring to a career in fitness?

The recent pandemic has reminded us of the importance of health and wellbeing. With the growing trend of ‘working from home’ and going online, many people find themselves in need of help in staying active.

As a trainer, you can help everyday people from all walks of life achieve their fitness goals, whether it be weight loss, body strengthening, competitive sports and athletics, or even just general wellbeing. There are also 4 key benefits that you can offer your clients by working together with you.

More than Fitness

As a trainer, you will be looking after the overall health of your clients. Based on their needs, you can offer personalised nutritional guidance to align with their fitness goals, educate them on healthy eating habits, provide support on their mental health and help build up their confidence.

Maximise Results

A common issue with training without an instructor is time wastage and in worse cases, bad form or even injuries. As a fitness trainer, you can ensure that your clients are on the right track and provide a routine that minimises time wastage while increasing positive outcomes.

Realistic Goals

Whether it be a short term, long term, a once-off goal to qualify for a competition, or building up the ability for specific sporting activities, you can help your clients stay focused and aim to achieve by setting realistic goals and designing specialised training plans to suit the timeframe.


You will be their biggest fan, cheerleader, and critic all in one, more than a friend and family member can be. You will hold them accountable, be their consistent supporter, and see them through to their goals.

Start a Rewarding Career with The Eagle Academy

Embark on the fitness career journey with our nationally accredited Certificate III in Fitness (one-year course) as well as the Certificate IV in Fitness (one-year course) to qualify as a Personal Trainer.

Available at both the Gold Coast and Brisbane campuses, we offer a range of times to attend sessions including tuition, where you will be supervised and assisted by our team of dedicated trainers to work through your course at a pace that suits you.

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