Yoshie Hashimoto studied the Certificates III in Sport and Recreation, Diploma in Sport and Development and III in Business

“Thank you for your e-mail and attachment I received on 7th.

And you made me very very happy to giving me ‘the student of the month’ award. Thank you so much!

Every one is different and different reason to study with you. I am studying for my visa, but since I’ve studied with you from 2013, I know more things than before. You gave me the opportunity to stay here in Australia and learn. All trainers I study with are very nice, helpful and had a lot of knowledge. All office staffs are very kind and helpful, too. Always gave me advice.

I was thinking on the way to school that day, ‘I think I am doing good, go to school, working hard and looking after my son…’ And Peter announced me got the award! It’s very nice to have something what I made effort.

When I stared Business course I was not sure I will be able to finish this. I don’t have to write or read in English for my work and I don’t know anything about business. After I moved to Coolangatta, Peter talked me what and how I want to do this course. After that I know what I can achieve and I think I did! I know somethings I didn’t know and a little bit more about how to use word and power point!

I will be back the end of July for business 4!

Thank you so much!”

Helle Friis Knudsen studied Certificates IV in Spoken and written English

“The staff are very accommodating, very friendly, always a hello. I had an amazing teacher Karen. She create a great learning environment, where diversity is seeing as a gift. She is interested in students well being – I gain a lot of confidence to believe in myself and my English skills. Karen created an active learning process, by being active you create reflection, knowledge and the most important thing, you often realize what you have understood and learned but also what you didn’t learn or understood. I learned a lot about job seeking skills and customer service. I think Karen is an outstanding teacher. I would like to thank Darren as well, he creates great learning environment and he is a great teacher.

I loved to come every week for my class, seeing my fellow student learn English.”